Amanda Nunes opens the debate: Is it the best in history?

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Amanda Nunes had spoken in the pre-UFC 239 and it was clear. He affirmed that if he won he would become the best in history and for that he drew up a plan. He crossed paths with Holly Holm, a striker, whom he “wanted to win in his field, with a single blow”. He intended to give a new lesson and he did it with a tremendous kick. With that triumph reaches Ronda Rousey and Joanna Jedrzejczyk. All three have won six of the main fights they have played. The data matches them, but the rest of the numbers open the debate.

Rousey (bantamweight) was the first champion in the history of the company and of its six titular triumphs, five came in the first assault. For his part, Jedrzejczyk snatched the straw championship from Carla Esparza, first monarch in that division, with a spectacular KO and then was eliminating all his rivals. Both the American and the Polish were undefeated until the moment they lost their belts. On the other hand, when Nunes became champion she had four defeats, but her current streak is better.

With his victory against Holm, Nunes accumulates nine consecutive wins. Meanwhile, at UFC Rousey he added six (all by title) and Joanna, eight. In addition, the Brazilian is the only one that maintains 100% victories in championship battles. Ronda has fallen in two (one against Nunes itself) and Jedrzejczyk three times (the last one in flyweight). Finally, in this particular duel, Nunes decides the fight in his favor with the last relevant data: she is the only one of the three that has managed to be champion in two divisions (she is simultaneously and thinks about defending the title pen in her next litigation). By studying in depth the statistics give the reason to the Brazilian, it is already the best ever. But times and tastes also influence. Who do you think is the best in history?

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