Undiano Mallenco points to the technical direction of Spanish arbitration

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And at which before today was technical manager the prior pupil referee Luis Medina Cantalejo. However, once we told in SPORT, ” the Sevillian has been appointed president of this Andalusian referees’ Technical Committee. A bill that looks oblivious with all his job he was doing out at the mediation institution. Basically year at which he’d supposed that the management of football into Carlos Velasco Carballo’s presidency because the birth.
Consequently the death of Luis Medina Cantalejo in your mediation directive arrangement could signify that Alberto Undiano Mallenco supposes these activities which the Sevillian was doing. Virtually of the management of both kinds of expert soccer.
The very first alternative was due to the fact Alberto Undiano Mallenco, since we’ve in-sport, took control of most the next Division’s specialized direction at a time of year of unique significance with this particular category, thinking of the beginning of this VAR in silver soccer. Inside this manner he combined the mediation structure which has Clos Gómez since VAR former and responsible arbitrators like Fernandez Borbalan, Lizondo Cortes, Bernardino González Vazquez and Rubinos Pérez .
At SPORT we’ve been letting you know for a time that the incorporation of Army Alberto Undiano Mallenco cultivated into this Committee of Referees chaired by Carlos Velasco Carballo’s arrangement. Since we also have clarified Alberto Undiano diminished the option of linking the human anatomy of referees of VAR since Iglesias Villanueva has achieved the different man retired this season when shedding the classification and also being unable to reunite to Secondly Section thanks to era problems.

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