China to support Pakistan in UNSC over occupied Kashmir issue: Qureshi

BEIJING (Reuters) – China plans to support Pakistan at the United Nations Security Council on the issue of occupied Kashmir, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Friday after meeting top officials in Beijing. .

“Trusted friend”
Speaking to the media after his meeting with Wang in the Chinese capital, Qureshi said Pakistan had decided to go to the UN Security Council for the appalling movement of India and Beijing would fully support Islamabad.

China will maintain its full cooperation with Pakistan and the ministers and missions of the two allied countries will remain in close contact, he said, adding that Beijing once again proved to be Islamabad’s reliable friend.

Foreign Minister Qureshi says China fully supported Pakistan’s position and agreed that India’s move was unilateral. Photo: Government of Pakistan Twitter
Advanced issues found

The minister said the friendship between China and Pak was eternal and that Pakistanis should remain proud of it. He also stressed that his Chinese counterpart fully supported Pakistan’s position and agreed that the Indian action was unilateral.

Qureshi said such a movement has certainly changed the situation and geography of occupied Kashmir, adding that he and Wang agreed that it would be dangerous for regional peace and stability.

The Chinese foreign minister also agreed that occupied Kashmir has been and remains the subject of disagreement and must be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions.

Wang said China wants a peaceful solution to the Kashmir problem so as not to exacerbate tensions. Chinese officials have been informed that India may choose another movement such as the Pulwama attack.

“Serious human rights violations”
Earlier, upon arrival at Beijing Capital Airport, Qureshi received Pakistan’s ambassador to China, Naghmana Hashmi, and senior officials of the Foreign Ministry.

The foreign minister said he would have the confidence of Chinese leaders on the situation in occupied Kashmir. I will inform Chinese leaders of the unconstitutional measures taken by the Indian Government in occupied Kashmir. I also inform you of serious human rights violations in the occupied valley. “

Earlier, speaking on a private television channel, Qureshi said the Indian government could organize a terrorist act or drama similar to Polama to avoid world attention because of the dangerous situation in the occupied valley.

Qureshi urges foreign diplomats to “detain India” for rights violations in occupied Kashmir

“The whole world condemned the unconstitutional movement of the BJP government to abolish the constitutional status of the detained Kashmir,” the foreign minister said.

Asked about any adventures in India in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the foreign minister said the diplomatic community in Islamabad had conveyed Pakistan’s concern in this regard.

He stressed that India could organize a terrorist act similar to Pulama to avoid world attention.

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