Women’s cricket team to receive one-day military cadet training: PCB

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s cricket team is scheduled to spend a day as a military woman during a high-performance air-conditioning camp in Abbottabad later this month, the Pakistan Cricket Council said on Friday.

According to PCB, about 30 women were called cricket for a high-performance camp to be held from August 16-31 in Abbottabad. However, on August 28 they will spend a day at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul.

“We have organized a day at the Kakol Military Academy that will help them learn and observe a different lifestyle with a focus on attributes such as design, resistance and concentration,” said Uruguay Mumtaz, chief critic.

“The players will spend today as students in their daily routine. The idea is to provide a different experience for the players and help them understand the benefits of disciplined and routine life with hard training that will help to broaden their thinking.

“This activity should help them learn and observe a different lifestyle with a focus on features such as design, endurance and concentration.”

This will be the first time that cricket women receive military training on students. The male cricket team, on the other hand, had its sessions in the same place before.

The goal of the camp, according to the PCB, was to prepare the players for the following national and international missions. A cumbersome international season awaits Pakistan with a series against Bangladesh and England, which culminated, in March next year, with the T20 Women’s World Cup from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to be held in Australia.

According to Mumtaz, it was important that the PCB determine the top 30 players at the beginning of the season. “We celebrate this camp to work on our skills in the three departments of the game,” he said.

“We have selected some young players who can help form Sri Lanka’s A team in October. We will also focus on players who are in dispute over the national team series against Bangladesh,” added Mumtaz.

The following players will participate in the high-performance airconditioning camp:

Alia Riad
Arub Shah
Aisha Naz
Aisha Zafar
Bibi Nahida
His name is known
Diana Bigg
Fatima Sana
Horina Rugs
Aram Javed
Gaviria is friendly
Gauria Raouf
Kinetics of excellence
Kent Hafeez
محمد طارق Free Membership
Munibah Ali
Najia fodder
Published by Sandu
Natalia Parvez
Nida Rashed
Omaima Suhail
Ramen Shamim
Saba Nazir
Sadia Iqbal
Sana Mir
Secretary Cider
Nawaz Cider
Soha Fatima
Tuba Hassan
Wahid Akhtar

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