PM Imran, Bahrain King discuss occupied Kashmir situation on phone

Prime Minister Imran Khan telephoned His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain to discuss the tense situation in occupied Kashmir.

According to the statement, informed Prime Minister Imran Bahraini King “the development of the situation in Indian Kashmir and the Indian violation of the Security Council of the United Nations.”

In addition, he declared that the Prime Minister “strongly condemned and rejected the declaration made by the Government of India and confirmed that it violates the Security Council resolution.”

“He stressed that the IOK was an internationally recognized disputed area and that no unilateral move by the Indian government could change the disputed state as stipulated in the UN Security Council resolution.”

He urged the international community to play its part in preventing India from abandoning this irresponsible act unilaterally to maintain peace and stability in the region.

In response, Sheikh Hamad said his country and its leaders were monitoring the situation. “The King of Bahrain said that the Bahraini government is closely monitoring the events at IOK with deep concern and hopes that all problems will be resolved through dialogue,” the statement said.

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