US should force India to take back decision to revoke Kashmir’s status: ambassador Khan

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, said that India’s move to abolish the occupied Kashmir could lead to a serious escalation.

Speaking of Bloomberg markets, Claus Khan said only the United States and the United States can do so to calm the situation.

Kashmir has approved the Indian Constitution and enjoys a special status. What India has done is to unilaterally change the status of the Territory, which the entire international community, including the United Nations, recognizes as a disputed territory, and we, as part of this conflict, face a serious problem with regard to what Khan said.

Asked about Pakistan’s response, the ambassador said: “The world has seen our moderation even during the Pulwama crisis, where India violated our sovereignty and sent aircraft to bomb our side of the earth even in the face of this aggression. Our response was very measured.”

“Our response was dictated by moderation. Our prime minister was here on a visit to the United States and he constantly talked about Pakistan’s desire for peace. The two countries participate in the dialogue. “

Asked about the role Pakistan expects other countries to play, particularly the United States, Khan said: “The Foreign Office spokesman said very clearly that there was no change in the US position on the vision. Kashmir is a disputed area.”

“When Prime Minister [Imran] was here, Trump offered to mediate a long-running dispute for himself; it was a recognition of a conflict that needs to be resolved.”

“We welcome the presidents’ offer to do so. India has not accepted the offer for us. I think the continued commitment of the United States of America. UU. The things they did last week to unleash pressure and arrest.

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